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"I also firmly believe my faith in God helped me keep peace in my heart throughout my life. My belief that no matter what was going on, God had a bigger plan for my life and He had a plan to use all that was bad for good. That helped me through so many painful times. It also helped me in forgiveness, because I knew He would want that."
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"Once I started this book, I was unable to put it down. This is not a book about sadness; it is a book of forgiveness, healing, God, hope and love. I also immediately called my father and thanked him for raising me in a way that I scored a zero."

Amazon Review (Kindle edition)

Lauri D Quist

"Jessica has a wonderf[ful] way in which she dictates her story and ability to express her feelings during her childhood. A beautiful woman on the outside, one does not do justice to her soul unless they know what she has overcome and carries with her on a daily basis. A truly inspirational story, one that will not only give perspective to those that have not experience[d] domestic abuse, but inspiration for those that are struggling to come to terms with their own past abuse. You cannot read her story and not feel compelled to be a part of the solution."

Amazon Review

A. Simeone

“Yet another example of the incredible resiliency of the human spirit. A testament to the strength we can all access inside ourselves when faced with extreme adversity. It begs the question what would you do...”

PhD, Author, Safe Kids, Smart Parents

Rebecca Bailey

“Jessica triumphs over tragedy and brings joy to the lives of everyone around her and everyone who will read this book. The dichotomy of what it is like to love an abusive parent is rarely talked about and she does so in a beautifully profound way. This book speaks to the importance of holding abusers accountable but also forgiveness for our own hearts. She paves the way for individuals who have experienced trauma to break the cycle of abuse by being incredibly honest and vulnerable about her own experiences, struggles and perseverance.”

Author, Sex Trafficking Prevention: A Trauma-Informed Approach for Parents and Professionals

Savannah Sanders

"There are so many times when victims of abuse cannot find the words to express or explain what has happened in their young lives. All My Friends Are Zeros gives young Jessica a voice. A strong and unwavering voice. Now as an adult, the author’s desire to help and heal others lets each of us know that it is okay to tell your story.  Wish there had been more books like this when I was a young adult. It would have made all the difference growing up knowing you were not crazy or alone. Thank you Jessica."

Amazon Review

Kevin S.

"Jessica Nicely's All My Friends Are Zeros is an astonishing book about not only overcoming trauma, abuse and adversity, but a heartfelt story that speaks with love, about healing, triumphing and forgiving that everyone should hear. Her message for other victims is that it is possible to survive, thrive and move beyond the hurt to do great things in life. Jessica's incredible courage to tell her story so that others might heal is a testament to her loving nature and the authentic care she has for those who are hurting." 

Director End Abuse WI

Kathryn Chapman

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